GimpGirl Community: Survey on Accessible Gynecologists

GimpGirl Community is working to collect useful information for women with disabilities. One of our ongoing topics is healthcare and sexual health.  Our goal with the following survey is to develop a list of gynecologists that provide accessible, respectful care to women with disabilities. The results of this survey will be added to our website so that everyone that needs this information can access it. We encourage each and every one of you to respond, especially if you have had a positive experience with a gynecologist. The information will be public, but your name and personal data will not be attached. Also, if you have had an undesirable experience with a gynecologist, please feel free to share that as well!

There are 15 questions in this survey.
A note on privacy
This survey is anonymous.
The record of your survey responses does not contain any identifying information about you, unless a specific survey question explicitly asked for it. If you used an identifying token to access this survey, please rest assured that this token will not be stored together with your responses. It is managed in a separate database and will only be updated to indicate whether you did (or did not) complete this survey. There is no way of matching identification tokens with survey responses.
What is your name or handle? (optional)

*Where are you located? (city, state/province, country)

*Which gynecologist would you recommend/not recommend? (either a doctor’s name, or the clinic)

*What is the phone number and address of the gynecologist or clinic? (If you don't know the exact address, give us as much of it as you know.)

If you are recommending/not recommending a particular doctor, is that doctor a male or female? Is he/she older or younger? Does he/she clearly identify as any particular religion? (Any specific information about the doctor is welcome here, as some people have a strong preferences on what kind of doctor they see for reasons of personal comfort.) (Optional)

Why would you personally recommend/not recommend this doctor or clinic? (Optional)

*Does the doctor or clinic ask questions about your sexual history, sexual abuse issues, and contraceptive needs?

*Does the doctor or clinic make referrals or recommendations if needed?
*What accessibility features does the doctor or clinic's office have/not have? (adjustable or adapted table, wide hallways, ramps, medications for spasticity or anything else that made your visit possible that was an accommodation to your disability)

*Does the doctor or clinic have any other experience treating women with disabilities?
Choose one of the following answers
How are you treated when you are at their office, and how does that make you feel? (Optional)

*Did the doctor or office staff explain all of the information relevant to your exam and treatments to you directly (or through an interpreter if needed)?
*If you had questions above and beyond the information presented to you, were your questions answered thoroughly and respectfully?
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*Were any services denied to you, or were certain procedures such as a hysterectomy forced on you by this doctor or clinic?
Do you have any other comments or additions? (Optional)